LMB - Congratulations to the New Board - Term Begins July 1, 2018
LMB Board of Directors
2018 - 2019
President’s Statement 

Leadership Manhattan Beach is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of four Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer), eight Directors (Sponsorship Director, Recruiting Director, Program Director Event Director, Communications Director, Alumni Director, Marketing Director and Technology Director) and certain non-elected board members.

Leadership Manhattan Beach uses a “working board” format meaning that although each board member has a specific area of responsibility/oversight, all board members perform the general work of the board.

As President, I am very grateful for the highly active engaged Board members that we are so fortunate to have to volunteer their time.



Peter Yollin
President, Class of 2014
George Apostol
Vice President, Class of 2015
Julie Ravin
Secretary, Class of 2017
Tina Patel
Treasurer, Class of 2015
Susy Werre
Sponsorship, Class of 2018
Conor Dawson
Program Director, Class of 2017
Jeremy Vereecke
Recruiting, Class of 2015
Steven F. Carvel
Alumni Director, Class of 2017
Aly Seckinger
Event Director, Class of 2018
Eric Van Fossen
Marketing Director, Class of 2018
Wayne Powell
Communications Director, Class of 2005
Robert Espinosa
Technical Director, Class of 2005
Katharine Rogerson
Teen LiaisonClass of 2018
Katherine Yollin
Teen LiaisonClass of 2018
Kathleen Terry
Program Facilitator, Class of 1994
Mark Lipps
Chamber of Commerce Liaison, Class of 2012
Jill Brunkhardt
Chevron Liaison, Class of 2008