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LMB Board of Directors

President’s Statement

I want to personally introduce myself and welcome you to Leadership Manhattan Beach, an organization created 28 years ago by Paul Allman and Russ Lessor, two talented community leaders. LMB is dedicated to developing and uniting community leaders through a hands-on experiential training program and community project. I graduated in 2015 and was the Team Leader for the Telescopes on the Pier Project. Since that time, I have served 5 consecutive years on the Board and I am currently serving my 6th year as the Interim President. Utilizing my experiences and knowledge gained through LMB, I have also served 7 years as a Commissioner for the City in Manhattan Beach and I have just started my next 3-year term.

The program involves:

Orientation – an event to prepare you for the program and to meet fellow class members, the facilitator, alumni and local leaders.

Retreat – a two-day, one-night event for identifying behavioral styles, interacting effectively with others, and team building.

Class Sessions & Tours – designed to introduce you to City and business leaders and to inform you about health, education, and environmental groups and community services.

Class Project – a culmination of what you learned in the program and created to benefit the community. This will give you experience with collaboration, leadership, teamwork, delegation, fundraising, and public relations.

Graduation – a celebration of your program completion and project fulfillment attended by your class members, family, alumni and local leaders.

By joining LMB, you are embracing your love for our community and starting down a path that I believe will provide you with an amazing opportunity to develop leadership skills, friendships, and professional connections. With well over 500 alumni, LMB is the right place to share your passion with fellow neighbors, give back to your community and gain life skills that you will enjoy for years to come.

The training and experience you will receive during this nine-month program will broaden your understanding of services offered by the City of Manhattan Beach and introduce you to many of the individuals and various organizations that serve our community. You will find that running our magnificent City requires a significant amount of cooperation across a broad spectrum of specialized groups along with a sizeable annual budget and a generous amount of volunteer time. You will see and learn that there is a lot that goes on “behind the scenes” to make our community wonderful.

After graduation there are many opportunities for you to stay involved by attending alumni events, running for a position on the Leadership Manhattan Beach Board of Directors, assisting with a committee, or perhaps being appointed to a City Commission or elected to a City Council seat as many have done. You will join our growing group of well over 500 alumni that includes people from diverse backgrounds and experience through which you will develop many new and lasting friendships.

Welcome to our family – enjoy the journey!

George Apostol                              
Interim President
Board of Directors

George Apostol

Interm Acting President, Class of 2015
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Paul Allman

Paul Allman

Past President, Co-Founder
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Vice President

DeAnn Chase

Secretary, Class of 2019
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Steve Nicholson

Steve Nicholson

Treasurer, Class of 2000
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Linda Bair

Program Chair, Class of 2020
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Simrit Dugal

Alumni Director, Class of 2020
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Molly First

Events Director, Class of 2020
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Alec Hoag

Sponsorship Director, Class of 2020
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Ed MacLaughlin

Recruiting Director, Class of 2014
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Allen Kirschenbaum

Marketing Director, Class of 2019
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Jason Apostol

Technology Director, Class of 2019
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Dalia Kaldawi

Teen Liaison, Class of 2020
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