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Class Time Commitment

Our mission is developing and uniting community leaders. Every year we offer our flagship nine-month-long leadership training program. During the program, you are introduced to various community services and programs as you work collaboratively with 25 to 30 adults and high school students. The emphasis is on results and teamwork. The capstone to the class experience is the class project: doing something real to benefit the Manhattan Beach community.

Our Classes are held every other Monday (with some exceptions) from September through May. You can view this year’s Class Schedule HERE.

Classes are held on alternating Monday nights from 5:00PM – 8:30PM. However, once the Class is engaged in their project, some Monday meetings may be dropped as students may have committee meetings in their place.

The LMB Summer Social is usually held in late June or Early July and although not a mandatory event, it is strongly recommended that the new class attend. This is the first LMB event where the class gets to meet our Facilitator, the Board of Directors, other Alumni but most of all each other.

LMB has two Retreats each year for the Class. The first Retreat is held the first or second weekend in September and is a mandatory event. If you know that you cannot attend the September event, please do not submit an Application. Missing the September Retreat is an automatic drop from the program.

Our second Retreat is more of an all afternoon workshop and is usually held in mid-January and is also mandatory for the Class to attend.

Although we hope that you will be able to attend all of the sessions and tours, we understand that you have a life and things do come up.

We do allow up to two session absences, however, if you miss more than two sessions, at the Facilitator’s discretion you may not be able to graduate with your class or be dropped from the program altogether.

We are excited that you are interested in LMB. To begin the process, CLICK HERE to go to our Applications page.