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Board of Directors Teen Liaison

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    Leadership Manhattan Beach is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors, elected by our Alumni consisting of four Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer), eight Directors (Recruiting Director, Program Director, Event Director, Alumni Director, Sponsorship Director, Marketing Director, Communications Director and Technology Director). The Teen Liaison is a position that is appointed by the LMB President with the input of the Class Facilitator and Program Director. If you are a teen who has just or will graduate from the current LMB Class and would like to be considered for the Teen Liaison position please click on the "Next Page" button below and fill out your Application. ** If you are chosen for the position you will be expected to attend the following activities: Teen meetings at Kathleen’s house (TBD) Fall retreat Sept 22-23 (strongly encouraged) Teen meeting at Kathleen’s house before project (TBD) Attend Orientation: August 27 (6:30-7:30) Strategic Planning Session (9:00-4:00) July (TBD) Attend Board Meetings first Thursday of every month Aug-June Attend class once per quarter