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People love Leadership!

Find out from friends and neighbors what makes Leadership Manhattan Beach so special

“Participating in the LMB program is a must for anyone wanting to know more about how the City works and providing the community with a wonderful class project. You will meet other like-minded residents and make new, life-long friends!”

Nancy Hersman, Class of 2014
Council Member, City of Manhattan Beach

“One for all and all for one. I can think of no better organization where any age, any industry, any level of management will be enriched personally and professionally from going through the Leadership Manhattan Beach program. Anyone who embraces this program will leave with a lasting impact. Many will continue their involvement by joining the board or getting even more involved in city positions or joining industry boards. At a minimum you will know more about yourself and working with others. I started thinking I would do this to add to my local volunteer efforts. Another notch on the belt in our beautiful community. It was so much more. I wish I had gone through this program much sooner. And what an opportunity for our young adults to experience. If you have a son or daughter, in my experience of raising three kids, this would be a program at the top of the list. A program of substance. Whatever your age, youth, working, retired, you will not be disappointed.”

Mark Lipps, Class of 2012
Former CEO, Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce

“Leadership Manhattan Beach is an outstanding program that enabled me to learn about our dynamic city and develop valuable leadership and communication skills that were effective in my career, civic activities and community volunteer work. I highly recommend this exceptional program for everyone to enhance their personal and professional leadership abilities, and to give back to our wonderful community.”

Wayne Powell, Class of 2005
Former Two-Term Manhattan Beach Mayor/Council Member
LMB Communications Director 2017

“I joined Leadership Manhattan Beach because of the love I have for our great city. I wanted to learn more about the workings of the city and what goes on behind the scenes. I wanted to see how I could be more involved in making our city the best it can be and I wanted to see if, in fact, the City of Manhattan Beach was everything I thought it was. It turns out, that it is and more. I learned about all aspects of our city and found the numerous ways that I can contribute. I found more things to do in the city, more things to enjoy and most of all, the great lifelong friends that I met through this program. I recommend Leadership Manhattan Beach to anyone who likes meeting new people and forming lifelong friends, wants to learn more about our city, or just wants to learn about what kind of person you are.”

Steve Delk, Class of 2014
Owner of OB’s Pub & Grill

“I had the most amazing learning experience with Leadership Manhattan Beach. The program really helped me understand all the hard work it takes to manage a city. Furthermore, being part of the class helped me connect with people in my community that I probably would never have met. I think the best part of the program was that students got the opportunity to work with adults who valued their thoughts and ideas just as much as anyone else’s. Through this experience, I developed leadership skills that allow me to voice my opinions and work well with others.”

Jillian Turkmany
Class of 2015

“I will forever be grateful for the learning experience that Leadership Manhattan Beach gave me to have the confidence to become a more active Leader in the Manhattan Beach community. After a rewarding 40 year career in the fashion industry, retirement was an overwhelming career move. LMB gave me the confidence to take the non-profit volunteer work, that has always been a part of my life, and raise it to another level in leadership roles. As a current LMB Board member and Chair of the Parks and Recreation Commission, I could not have done it without this program.”

Suzanne Rogers Karger
Manhattan Beach Parks and Recreation Commission Chair, LMB Sponsorship Director 2016-2017

“My wife, Sandra, and I will always be eternally grateful to LMB for helping us integrate into this amazing community. We made the decision to move to Manhattan Beach without knowing anyone and it was suggested that we look into LMB. It was the best decision we ever made. LMB taught us so much about ourselves, the City we call home and the surrounding services that make this place so spectacular. We were honored to be Class President and Treasurer, respectively, for 2013. Many of our friendships today were made during our LMB experience and we have gone on to serve on several Boards and Commissions in Manhattan Beach. Many thanks, LMB!”

Kyle King, Class of 2013
Recruiting Director, 2014 – 2015

“Experiencing and graduating from the Leadership Manhattan Beach program brought a new level of confidence to me. It provided the ability to effectively interact with multiple personality styles and gave me the knowledge and tools to lead and engage communities to create impact.

It continues to serve as a profound vehicle to meet some of the best friends I have had and truly is a network comprised of the best and the brightest with big hearts.”

Francey Marzicola, Class of 2005
Leadership Manhattan Beach Board President 2006-2008

“My year in LMB was a genuine life-changing one for me. Until that time, I’d been involved with leadership roles in my career, in the schools, in the Boy Scouts, and in community initiatives. But LMB took my skill set in a whole new direction by revealing the inner workings of the city and, most importantly, how a group of passionate residents could ignite change in it.

As our class tackled the project of renovating a much-used playground, I began to witness firsthand how LMB can shape the lives of all of us involved in the endeavor. We made lifelong friends, gained valuable insights and left a legacy — all while improving MB. Most of all, it made me want to do more for the community once graduation came and went. It was definitely a year well spent.”

Janet Krause Jones, Class of 2014
Former TV Producer & Writer Currently Int’l Trade Compliance at Northrop Grumman Aerospace

“My participation in the LMB Class of 2017 was such an exciting, worthwhile and rewarding experience! In fact, it was one of the best experiences of my life! My classmates and I learned so much about leadership and about each other. My classmates were some of the finest people I’ve ever met!”

Mark Burton, Class of 2017
Former Manhattan Beach Mayor/Councilmember Realtor®, President MB Rotary Club

“I joined the program to learn more about the local politics of our City if you will. I ended up being selected as the Project Director and it became one of the best experiences in leadership, making the connection with others, learning about City procedures used by City leadership, staff and volunteers and ultimately doing good for our community through a long lasting project.

The program has also allowed me to build and maintain new friendships with many like-minded individuals. I fully recommend it to anyone who is considering it.”

Loli Ramezani, Class of 2012
President and Owner of Always Best Care Senior Services, Manhattan Beach

“LMB is one of the most worthwhile things I have participated in since moving to Manhattan Beach over 15 years ago. The program offers an invaluable way to get a snapshot of how the City of MB functions, who is responsible for daily decisions, and what makes us a premier community to live, work and play.”

J.J. Turkmany, Class of 2007
Aldrich & Turkmany Insurance, Agent/Owner

“Leadership Manhattan Beach is a most remarkable organization of highly motivated civic-minded individuals, which has opened to me an astounding opportunity to serve the city by joining my natural talents with others who care to do good.
I hope to use this privilege to help others find common ground through music.”

Jack Tracy, Class of 2017

“My time spent volunteering for Leadership Manhattan Beach as a member of the Class of 2017 and the Student Liaison on the Board of Directors has taught me effective collaboration and leadership skills. I have formed professional and personal relationships with influential business leaders in my community and connected with a network of mentors. Through the program, I have developed the confidence to voice my opinions and ideas and experienced first-hand how different leadership styles can work in harmony to create an efficient and cohesive team.”

Danielle Smith, Class of 2017
Mira Costa High School Student, Board Teen Liaison

“The best decision of 2017. I am a wife, a full-time professional working in Burbank, an only child and a caretaker of a 96-year old mother and I thought to myself, how can I do this? What if I fail? The bottom line is…you make time for what you want to do.

Leadership Manhattan Beach (LMB) is a commitment and I was ready. I wanted to be part of this community-based program and I made a personal commitment to make the time.

LMB was so much more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. From the retreats and facilitated classroom lessons and local business tours to our class project where we raised funds to refurbish and renew Manhattan Beach’s iconic Santa Float. I’ve made lasting friendships and learned more about my community in 9 months than in the 14 years I have lived here. To me, no doubt, this was definitely the best decision I made in 2017.”

Julie Ravin, Class of 2017
Vice President, Human Resources Diagnostic Laboratories & Radiology

“My LMB experience has had a profound impact on my life, both personally and professionally. During the program, I met some amazing people who soon became amazing friends. The program enabled me, as a small business owner at the time, to engage more meaningfully with the community and make connections to other causes that also ring true for me such as Crown Jewel Club and South Bay Bicycle Coalition. Because of one of my classmates, Todd Dipaola, my stagnant career as a Project Manager in the aerospace industry became, and still is, an exciting challenge that provides me unending opportunities for professional and personal growth since the day he hired me to join him at his company, inMarket. Each person that I have encountered through LMB has a unique ability and the aspiration to use that ability to make a difference. The depth of diversity of the talent and resources within the LMB network is immeasurable.”

Charlie Bean, Class of 2008
SVP Operations | inMarket