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Board Commitment Policy


The President must have previously served on the LMB Board for at least one term.
The President is an elected member of the Executive Committee.
The President shall preside at all meetings of the LMB Board and will have supervision, direction, and control of the business and affairs of the Corporation.

The President will perform all duties incident to the office of President and any other duties as may be required by law, by the Articles of Incorporation, by the Bylaws, or that may be prescribed from time to time by the LMB Board or the policies and procedures it establishes.

Key responsibilities shall include:

  1. Organize agenda for monthly board meetings and distribute agenda to board a minimum of two days prior to meeting.
  2. Prior to first meeting develop list of board members to coordinate dinner for each monthly board meeting.
  3. Meet with each Director and review specific goals for year.
  4. At beginning of each meeting status assignments from last meeting.
  5. Hold one “Alumnus Town Hall Meeting” to discover or review ideas to improve LMB.
  6. Serve as a spokesperson for LMB.
  7. Work with Immediate Past President, Program Director to plan the next year’s calendar.
  8. Implement contracts with individuals providing expertise to the Program Retreats and other events as required.

Important Dates:

  • April – May, select board members from interested Alumnus
  • May – June, facilitate transition for new board members and establish board meeting day for the year.
  • August, Coordinate/facilitate strategic planning session
  • September, New class orientation and Retreat
  • September – December, attend as many sessions as possible
  • January, second Retreat
  • January – May, assist with class project as needed
  • February – March, board elections
  • May, Graduation

The President may form various Committees to improve the LMB organization or respond to specific issues affecting LMB.


The Vice President shall have previously served on the LMB Board for at least one term. The Vice President is an elected member of the Executive Committee.

The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President when the President is temporarily unavailable and requests the Vice President to serve in that official position. The Vice President is intended to serve as a candidate for the office of President.

Key responsibilities shall include:

  1. Form, lead, and facilitate cross-functional teams to achieve the objectives established by the President and the Board of Directors.
  2. Advise, support, and help the President.
  3. Serve as a spokesperson for LMB.
  4. When requested by the President, perform the duties of President. Learn from the President to increase viability as a candidate for President.
  5. Work with each Director to assist in forming committees.
  6. Work with each board member and their committees (succession planning) to identify the next potential individuals to take over their board position.
  7. Solicit Alumni to run for future board positions.

Important Dates:

  • June/July – work with new board and assist in forming committee for each area
  • September – Coordinate with Past Class Project Leaders for Orientation and Retreat
  • December – Plan with Past Class Project Leaders current class project support
  • February/March – work with Alumni Director in organizing elections


The Secretary shall be responsible for (a) recording the minutes of the meetings of the LMB Board, (b) keeping a book of minutes of all meetings of the LMB Board, and (c) maintaining official records of LMB in accordance with LMB policies and procedures established by the LMB Board.

The Secretary is an elected member of the Executive Committee.

The LMB Secretary shall prepare Minutes for all Board Meetings and shall submit them to Board Members a maximum of one week following the meeting for review prior to the next board meeting. LMB Board Members shall review, revise, and approve Minutes for prior meeting at each LMB Board Meeting.

The Secretary shall remind LMB Board of upcoming meetings and ask them to submit action reports. The Secretary will perform any other and further duties as may be required by law or as may be prescribed or required from time to time by the LMB Board. Following LMB Board meetings, the Secretary shall upload the status reports, minutes, and agenda to the LMB Google drive.

The Secretary is responsible for implementing, supervising, and ensuring compliance with the Record Retention and Document Destruction Policy outlined in the Corporation’s Policies and Procedures.

Key Responsibilities shall include:

  1. Maintain corporate records, including bylaws, minutes of meetings and the corporate seal and make available for inspection by the Directors at all reasonable times;
  2. Coordinate with the Executive Committee and LMB Board to maintain corporate reporting compliance with local, state and federal regulating agencies including, but not limited to, the California Secretary of State and the California Attorney General;
  3. Coordinate with the Executive Committee, LMB Board and Alumni Director to maintain an accurate record of the Board of Directors and the Voting Alumni for voting purposes;
  4. Coordinate with the Executive Committee, LMB Board and Election Committee to maintain an accurate record of elections, including the slate of candidates, notices, voting and election results;
  5. Coordinate with the President to provide notice of meetings of the LMB Board and the Alumni;
  6. Coordinate updates to Bylaws as approved by the Board and Governance Committee;


The Treasurer will keep and maintain adequate and correct books and records of account of the properties and business transactions of the Corporation, including accounts of its assets, liabilities, receipts, disbursements, gains, and losses, in accordance with LMB policies and procedures established by the LMB Board.

The books and records of account will at all times be open to inspection by any Director. The Treasurer will deposit all moneys and other valuables in the name of LMB and to the credit of the Corporation with depositaries as may be designated by the LMB Board. The Treasurer will disburse the funds of the Corporation as ordered by the LMB Board, and will render to the President and the Directors, on request, an account of all that officer’s transactions as Treasurer, and of the financial condition of the Corporation.

The Treasurer will perform any other and further duties as may be required by law or as may be prescribed or required from time to time by the LMB Board or these Bylaws.

Preferred Experience: Accounting/bookkeeping background – proficiency in Excel required.

Key responsibilities shall include:

  1. Prepare, with the boards input, the annual LMB budget
  2. Procure LMB’s general liability and D & O insurance coverage
  3. Update all bank account forms and signature cards at the beginning of the term
  4. Co-ordinate financial duties with the class project finance team and record revenues and expenses in the monthly LMB financial report
  5. The Treasurer shall notify the Recruiting Director of all tuition payments received
  6. Treasurer shall notify the Sponsorship Director of funds collected from all Sponsors.
  7. The Treasurer shall be responsible for preparing a monthly financial report for the LMB Board
  8. Perform the duties described in the LMB Treasurer’s Guidelines and the Treasurer’s Calendar
  9. The Treasurer will be responsible for depositing all checks for all class project donations, and communicating all payments received for the class to the class treasurer.

Important Dates:

  • July – update bank accounts with new board info and signatures
  • August – finalize update of annual budget
  • August – complete students fee collection
  • December – Budget review with board for year-to-date status
  • January – renew LMB insurance coverage
  • April – with current board develop budget for next year
  • June – complete sponsor donation collection

Key documents to refer to are in the Treasures Notebook (kept by current Treasurer):
LMB Treasurer’s Guidelines, Treasurer’s Calendar, Banking and Internet Systems Instructions, LMB Annual Financial Report format, LMB Budget Worksheet, LMB Class Financial Information, LMB Deferred Tuition Payment Agreement, LMB IRS 501(c)(3) letter, LMB Articles of Incorporation, LMB Franchise Tax Board Tax Exemption Letter, LMB Class Tuition Schedule and LMB Schedule of Sponsorship Payment Collected


The Governance Committee (GC) is a group of Past-Presidents of LMB with responsibilities to oversee the integrity of the organization and to ensure that the organization is faithfully carrying out its established mission.

The Governance Committee shall be comprised of a Chair, and not more than three (3) other members who have served as Presidents of LMB. The Chair of the Governance Committee shall be a voting member of the Executive Committee.

The group is not responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization but has responsibility to ensure the LMB Board and its Committees are acting in the best interests of LMB and to ensure that the control of the organization is exercised in a fair, just, and equitable manner.

It is the express intention of LMB that any disputes regarding the business or operations of LMB, or disputes by and between any individual(s), any Alumni, and/or any Director, be resolved in a private and expeditious manner in order to preserve the integrity and reputation of LMB.

In the event of any disputes by and between any Executive Officer, Director, member of the Alumni, member of the Community, and/or the City, and the current board does not resolve these issues to the satisfaction of the Governance Committee, the Governance Committee will convene to gather information regarding such disputes and attempt to resolve such disputes.

In the event the Governance Committee is not able to resolve such disputes, the Chair of the Governance Committee, in consultation with the Governance Committee, will take appropriate steps to follow the Bylaws with regard to resolution of disputes, including, but not limited to, submitting such disputes to mediation and/or arbitration.

Key responsibilities shall include:

  1. The main responsibility of the Governance Committee is to ensure that the board and its members are acting in the best interest of LMB, and making decisions that do not negatively impact the integrity of the organization.
  2. Prior to the beginning of the fiscal year, identify the Chair of the Governance Committee for the upcoming year.
  3. Provide consul to the President and the LMB Board as needed.
  4. Coordinate the two awards given out by the Board.

Important Dates:

  • Meet in July to elect Chair and board representative


The Program Director shall be responsible for the annual LMB program(s) available to participants selected through the recruiting process.

The Program Director will also be responsible for the coordination of the classes, providing the program schedule, agenda, facilities, staff and refreshments as necessary for each class. The Program Director shall keep the LMB Board apprised of the status of the Class and programs on a regular basis. The Program Director will be responsible for sending reminders to the Class prior to each class and all events.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. After consultation with the elected LMB President, the appointed LMB Program Director shall solicit and appoint three LMB alumni to serve as the Program Committee for a term of one year.
  2. The LMB Program Director shall coordinate and secure the class Session Leaders for the Fall sessions as well as administer a sign-up for current class members to commit to a Session Leader’s roles the following year.
  3. The Program Director is to serve as the primary point of contact during the Spring project phase and liaise with the LMB President and other pertinent officers should any interventions or course calibrations arise. Coordinate the Past Project Leaders to assist during project phase.
  4. In addition to the core functions and key competencies of the role, the Program Director is to confer with the Events team for any event activations that concern the class and the associated assets (i.e. graduation certificates, name tags, etc.)

Important Dates:

  • July – Solicit and Appoint 3 LMB Alumni to LMB Program Director Committee
  • March – plan the calendar for coming class year
  • May – begin booking locations for class year
  • August – support class material completion
  • September – Class Orientation
  • September – Fall Retreat
  • December – City Council Simulation
  • January – Spring Retreat (typically second Saturday of January)
  • January/ May – Coordinate class project sessions
  • May – Graduation


The Alumni Director shall be responsible for growing and engaging the Alumni base through special events, services, and maintaining contact with Alumni.

The primary duty and responsibility of the LMB Alumni Director is organizing and hosting several LMB Alumni events & activities to foster greater Alumni participation in LMB.

The Alumni Director shall coordinate and staff the Registration Tables at all LMB events, i.e.; Orientation, Graduation, Summer Social, Holiday Party etc.

The Alumni Director shall also be responsible for updating the LMB Alumni mail roster with assistance of the Technology Director.

Key responsibilities shall include:

  1. After consultation with the elected LMB President, the appointed LMB Alumni Director shall solicit and appoint three LMB alumni to serve as the LMB Alumni Committee for a term of one year.
  2. The appointed LMB Alumni Director shall call and chair meetings of the LMB Alumni Committee for purposes of developing and planning the several LMB Alumni events. The two primary LMB Alumni Events are the LMB Alumni Summer Social and LMB Alumni Holiday Party. The LMB Alumni Director and LMB Alumni Committee shall develop, organize and host other LMB Alumni Events to maximize LMB Alumni engagement.
  3. The LMB Alumni Director and LMB Alumni Committee shall coordinate or assist the Marketing Director or Technology Director or other appropriate LMB Director in fulfilling their primary duties and responsibilities.
  4. The LMB Alumni Director shall form, coordinate and supervise the Election Committee.
    a. Solicit from Alumni base candidates for ballot
    b. Develop ballot
    c. Submit ballot to Alumni (using third party app – Election Buddy)
    d. Notify board of results

Important Dates:

  • July – Solicit and Appoint 3 LMB Alumni to LMB Alumni Director Committee
  • July – August – September – October, organize Alumni for various events (Orientation, Retreat, etc.)
  • September – LMB Alumni Director Committee to select date & venue for LMB Alumni Holiday Party
  • October/November – LMB Alumni Director Committee to develop a plan for at least 3 LMB Alumni Events for the first three months of the new year such as the 2nd Annual LMB Alumni Strand Walk and other such events
  • November – December, All alumni Holiday Party
  • February: Review Alumni database and update in conjunction with President and Technology Director
  • March: Coordinate election ballot and meet the candidates evening
  • April/May – LMB Alumni Committee to select date and venue for LMB Alumni Summer Social


The Sponsorship Director shall be responsible for soliciting and maintaining sponsors for LMB, annual fundraising for LMB, as well as community presentations. The Sponsorship Director shall work closely with the Alumni and Recruiting Directors on Silent/Live Auctions and event sponsors. The Sponsorship Director will work closely with the “Fundraising Chair” for the class project making sure that the “Do Not Call” list is respected and that any possible exceptions are discussed.

Key responsibilities shall include:

  1. After consultation with the elected LMB President, the appointed LMB Sponsor Director shall solicit and appoint three LMB alumni to serve as the LMB Sponsor Committee for a term of one year.
  2. Begin Sponsorship solicitation no later than October of each year with the objective of completing all requests and collecting all funds before the Holiday season so as to avoid confusion for sponsors when the class begins project fund raising after the New Year.
  3. Coordinate with class fundraising efforts to avoid unintended double solicitations.
  4. Survey board members for their input to and assistance with approaching additional sponsor candidates per their specified duties as Board Members
  5. Provide guidance to an incoming, new Sponsorship Director as to the importance of getting a very early start on fundraising in the fall of each year.

Important Dates:

  • July – Solicit and Appoint 3 LMB Alumni to LMB Alumni Director Committee
  • September meet with committee
    Collect new sponsor referrals from Board Members
    Allocate sponsor candidates to committee members using excel tool or similar
  • October to November
    Execute sponsor solicitation program
    Perform regular follow up meetings/calls re progress
  • December
    Finalize collections
    Send thank you letters/invitation to sponsors to events as appropriate
    Update Website page
  • January
    Coordinate with Class Sponsorship Director to avoid confusion


The Recruiting Director shall be responsible for soliciting applicants for the annual LMB Class through the promotion of LMB in the South Bay community at large. The Recruiting Director shall be responsible for interviewing and selecting participants for each class.

Key responsibilities shall include:


After consultation with the elected LMB President, the appointed LMB
 Recruiting Director shall solicit and appoint three LMB alumni to serve as
 the LMB Recruiting Committee for a term of one year.

Reserve city council chambers for info nights in March/April

Reserve other city room(s) (Jocelyn center – sunrise room) for
 interviews. May-ish

Coordinate with teen liaison and schools for student applications
 for new class

Run advertisement in beach reporter 2 weeks and 1 week prior to
 each info night.

Set up run at least 2 info nights March/April

Run class interviews With at least 2 other LMB members.  May-ish

Select Class with Recruiting committee (before summer social)

Be sure class members PAY tuition if applicable

Important Dates:

  • January/early February Contact City to get rooms reserved
 for info nights and interviews
  • March/April     Info Nights  city council chambers preferred
  • May-ish    Interview session dates
  • May/early June    Class Selection with committee meetings
  • June/July     attend Summer Social
  • September? – attend Class Orientation
  • Week after Class Retreat – hit up class for next year’s recruits


The Event Director shall be primarily responsible for planning and executing on Special Events in support of the President’s strategy for the year. The Event Director shall work with the President’s guidelines to determine the budget and resources required for the event(s). The Director will work in conjunction with the rest of the LMB Board to synchronize the special events with the LMB standard activities and events planned for the year. The Event Director shall also support other Directors in their event activities.

Key responsibilities shall include:

  1. After consultation with the elected LMB President, the appointed LMB Event Director shall solicit and appoint three LMB alumni to serve as the LMB Event Committee for a term of one year.
  2. Meet with the President to understand the vision for the year
  3. Develop the Event(s) Plan for presentation and approval
  4. Work with the following to deconflict/coordinate schedules and resources:
    a. Marketing
    b. Sponsorship
    c. Alumni
    d. Technology
    e. Conduct the Event(s)

Important Dates:
Special consideration is required for execution on larger events that occur during a part of the year that require planning that spans over two boards.

  • August to September
    • Translate the President vision into options for an event plan
    • Develop the Event Plan for the year in coordination with other directors
    • Develop a schedule for key dates and activities for the year
  • October – event
    • Initiate event planning
    • The schedule here is dependent on the Annual Event plan. Is this one large event or a couple of smaller ones
  • Primary is understanding the purpose of the event
    • Who will be invited – number of guests?
    • Key Guest availability
  • Location of the event required
    • Identification of the facilities
    • IT services, parking, seating, food
  • Marketing Plan
    • Publications, banners


The Technology Director shall be responsible for (a) management, of the LMB database, (b) LMB website maintenance, and (c) updates, setup, and maintenance of electronic payments, and administrative-mail communications (social media sites).

LMB may choose to pay an outside technology consultant to support the Technology Director. The Technology Director shall be the liaison between the LMB Board and the hired technology consultant, as well as the liaison between the current Class and the hired technology consultant.

Key responsibilities shall include:

  1. After consultation with the elected LMB President, the appointed LMB Technology Director shall solicit and appoint three LMB alumni to serve as the LMB Technology Committee for a term of one year.
  2. Maintains the passcodes for the various applications and website.
  3. Assists in the technology support of the annual election

Important Dates:

  • March – Update alumni database for election and upload to mail chimp
  • June – Update website with new board members
  • August – Update website with new Sponsors
  • September – Update website with new class and photos from retreat
  • January – Update website with class project info
  • May – Update website with photos from year


The Marketing Director shall be responsible for communication the strategy, goals, and achievements of LMB to the community. Key to this communication is a focus on the a) the plans and expectations of current class members and b) accomplishments of alumni in the local government, civic organizations, and work place.

The Marketing Director shall also be responsible for maintaining the standards and integrity of the LMB image, which shall be executed through the marketing collateral.

The Marketing Director contributes marketing content to Leadershipmb.org (with assistance of the Technology Director.)

Key responsibilities shall include:

  • After consultation with the elected LMB President, the appointed LMB Marketing Director shall solicit and appoint three LMB Marketing to serve as the LMB Alumni Committee for a term of one year.
  • Maintenance of Library of Marketing Collateral
  • Marketing collateral shall include, but is not limited to, LMB print (stationary, brochures, business cards, Chamber Pak flyers, etc.), publicity, advertising, and booth management (Hometown Fair, WIB Conference, MBCC Business Expo).
  • Drafting and Issuance of Press Releases regarding activities of current class, current class members, and alumni along with meetings and receptions for alumni and general public.
  • Work with Technology Director to assure social media including Facebook is current and supports strategy & goals.
  • Create Marketing Strategy for annual Leadership South Bay Beach Cities Conference.

Important Dates:

  • July – August, Solicit and Appoint 3 LMB Alumni to LMB Marketing Director Committee
  • September – October, Develop marketing pieces around LMB Student Class
  • October – November – December, Focus on Leadership South Bay Beach Cities Conference
  • February, Announcement of City Council of current Leadership Class Project
  • February, Marketing Support for Recruitment of September 2021 candidates
  • March, Success Piece on Leadership South Bay Beach Cities Conference
  • April – May, Marketing coverage of Class Project and LMB Awards


The Teen Liaison shall reach out to the students in the current Class to answer their questions, making certain that the students understand their commitment to the program and the role they play. The Teen Liaison shall attend LMB events including the Retreats, City Council Simulation, Class meetings and Alumni Events.

Key responsibilities shall include:

  1. Act as a liaison between LMB Board and teens in current class.
  2. Organize and coordinate a “Leadership Event” for the entire student body.
    – Increase interest in and awareness of LMB within the student body.
    – Do something good for our community.
    – Assist our recruiting effort to attract students for next year’s class.

Selection Process:

  • Recruited in April from current class. Must be no older than a Junior in high school so they will be a Senior during their time on the board.
  • Application due April 30. Application shall include a list of events at which student’s presence will be expected during the next year.
  • Students interviewed by a minimum of two board members and Teen Liaison board member from the existing year.
  • Notified by May 15th if they are accepted onto board.

Important Dates:

  • August-September
    Welcome new teens to the class during orientation and the first retreat.
  • September to March – Leadership Project
    Work with the board to create a project to increase interest in LMB within the student body.
    Should be completed by March before the interview process for the new class in May.
  • Mandatory Events
    Full list located on the Teen Liaison application.


General Information Forms Commitment Policy


Name ____________________________________
Address _____________________________________________________________
Phone Number _____________________________
High School _______________________________
Current Grade ___________
Why are you applying for a position on the LMB Board?

What was the main learning experience you took away from the LMB program?

How do you think you can contribute to the board? (i.e. what experiences, skills make you a good candidate?)

If you are chosen for the position you will be expected to attend the following activities (Specific dates may be found on the LMB Website by selecting the “click here” link under Program Calendar on the Applications page (https://www.leadershipmb.org/applications.html).

Teen meeting with the LMB Facilitator before the beginning of the class
Fall retreat in Sept (if possible)
Teen meeting Facilitator before the beginning of the class project in Jan
Strategic Planning Session in Jun
Attend Board Meetings first Thursday of every month
Attend class once per quarter

I understand that I am expected to attend the above: ______________________

Date: _________


Committees: The LMB Board may establish standing and ad-hoc committees to advise and conduct the responsibilities of LMB. Alumni who serve on committees are not elected, but are approved by the Directors to whom the committee reports. For example, the Program Committee will report to the Program Director and the Alumni who volunteer for that committee are approved by the Program Director.

As Committee Chair

  • Plan and conduct regular committee meetings and activities.
  • Hold members accountable for the responsibilities they’ve accepted.
  • Report committee activities and progress to the club president and board of directors and the full club (as requested).
  • Recognize committee members’ work and efforts, individually as well as to the whole club.
  • Keep records of meetings, plans, decisions, and results and give progress reports on the committee’s activities (as requested).


Each Member shall, to the best of their ability, satisfy the Board Commitments listed below.


  1. Behave ethically and with integrity so as to reflect positively on LMB
  2. Achieve your individual board goals
  3. Attend 9 of the 11 board meetings in a timely fashion
  4. Use Robert’s Rules while attending board meeting
  5. Provide food and drink for 1 board meeting
  6. Attend the board strategic planning retreat in June
  7. Attend an informational session to help recruit new members
  8. Attend the class project fundraiser or unveiling (if there is one).
  9. Attend two of the following (1) class orientation (2) class meeting (3) city council simulation (4) class graduation
  10. Be supportive and encouraging to the class especially during the project phase
  11. Be supportive of alumni
  12. Participate or post four times a year on our alumni website, Facebook, and Twitter
  13. Actively contribute to ad hoc Board Member Teams established by the President


Identify 2 potential recruits to the program and work with them to complete the online application. Bring them to an informational session.


Under the direction of the Sponsorship Director, maintain a relationship with 1 or 2 existing sponsors of the program and identify 1 new sponsor.


Assist other Board members in the organization of half of the LMB events, such as the Summer Social, Holiday Celebration, Alumni Mixer, or Sponsor Thank You Event.


Board Members may request to be excused from these requirements if they are involved in a large-scale, Board approved project.


Signature: ___________________________________
Date: __________________


Board Members are expected to accomplish the following by the beginning of September each year.

  1. Top 3 Goals for the following year
  2. Objectives/Tasks to meet each goal
  3. Time lines by which to complete each objective/task
  4. Identification of Team and Board Members with whom to coordinate efforts

Board Members are expected to complete the following.

  1. Update to their Operating Manual by the end of May each year
  2. Conduct a handoff and coordination meeting with their successor directly after Board elections.


I. Month by month calendar of tasks with related interactions with other Board Members.
II. Contact List including names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses.
1. Team Members
2. Vendors
3. Resource People/Businesses
III. One Sheet on Lessons Learned from prior year including advice to prospective replacement.
IV. Coordinating Paperwork/Templates for your Team.
1. Letters used
2. Notices used
3. Handouts used
4. Computer disk with templates


After review at the June 2008 Strategic Planning Session, the Board voted to keep the Mission Statement as: “Developing and uniting community leaders.”


LMB’s federal income tax exempt status requires that we communicate and document a racially nondiscriminatory policy for our students, selection process, brochures, advertising, and fund raising. Specifically, LMB must do the following:

  • LMB’s racially nondiscriminatory policy must be included in all recruiting communications, brochures, advertising, and slide shows. LMB must maintain and retain records indicating the racial composition of the class and staff.
  • All materials used to solicit contributions must indicate LMB’s racially nondiscriminatory policy.
  • LMB’s web site must contain LMB’s racially nondiscriminatory policy.

The following may be used to communicate our policy: “Leadership Manhattan Beach considers applicants on the basis of individual merit and without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, or other factors irrelevant to participation in its program.”


Leadership Manhattan Beach (LMB) is not a political organization and does not endorse individuals for public office. Nor does it take positions on political issues or ballot proposals.


The student admission policy for the LMB program shall include high school juniors and seniors residing in Manhattan Beach.


Priority One: Applicants from the prior year’s waiting list.
Priority Two: Manhattan Beach resident, who is also employed in MB
Priority Three: Manhattan Beach resident
Priority Four: Employed in Manhattan Beach
Priority Five: Interested participant


$250-$749 Friends of LMB
$750-$1,499 Bronze Level
$1,500-$2,499 Silver Level
$2,500-$4,999 Gold Level
$5,000+ Platinum Level

Sponsorship donations to the Class Project do not qualify as LMB Program donations.


Class graduation dinner will be free to graduating students, dignitaries and the LMB Session Leaders.



This document provides top-level guidance and recommendations to help the Class fundraise and manage their finances. Please feel free to contact the Sponsorship Director or the Treasurer for additional guidance or specific details. Contact information for both is provided below.

Budget and Financial Planning

The baseline budget for a Class Project cannot exceed $7,500. However, the overall Class Project plan can include optional tasks that may be exercised if the Class fundraising efforts provide sufficient funds. The LMB Treasurer can provide important help with Class financial planning. When developing your plan, remember that the Class Project is primarily about the leadership process and not the product. Excessive fund raising is neither required nor encouraged.

Fundraising Options and Guidelines

Monetary Sponsorships

A monetary donation made by a company or a private individual may be made to LMB for allocation to the Class project. All checks and cash donations should be sent immediately to the LMB Treasurer.
LMB is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. Our Tax ID number (95-4525658) should be included on your acknowledgement of the contribution. Financial questions and tax exemption issues should be directed to the Treasurer.
The current LMB Sponsorship Levels may be found on our website. Class Sponsorship Levels may differ from these, if advantageous.
Some sponsors may prefer to offer support through in-kind donations. The Class will have to determine if these in-kind sponsors receive the same benefits as cash donation sponsors.


Past events have included cocktail parties at private residences or local restaurants. Usually a ticket purchase is required for entrance to the event. Past ticket prices have ranged from $25-$40 and often include hors d’oeuvres and wine. The LMB Facilitator must approve any fundraising event “concept.”


Although a lot of work, a silent and/or live auction and/or raffle at an event can be a fun and effective approach to fundraising. Generally, local merchants, individuals, or class members donate auction items. Please be considerate of approaching current LMB sponsors for further donations as discussed below under Sponsorship Coordination with LMB.

Sponsor Recognition

Sponsors of the Class Project should receive appropriate recognition for their donations. Class fundraising efforts should make it clear to potential sponsors that the fundraising is for the Leadership Manhattan Beach “Class of [insert graduation year]” project.

Sponsorship Coordination with LMB

It is very important to maintain close coordination between the Class fund raising and LMB sponsorship activities to avoid parallel solicitation of existing or new sponsors. Such parallel solicitations reflect poorly on the Class and LMB, further, in the past they have resulted in both groups being unsuccessful.

Existing LMB Sponsors

Current LMB Sponsors should not be solicited under any circumstances. A list of LMB sponsors can be found on the Sponsors page of our website. Click on “Additional Sponsors” at the bottom of the first Sponsor page to view the second page of sponsors.

Duplicate New Sponsors

The Sponsorship Director’s team regularly approaches new individuals and organizations with sponsorship requests, creating another opportunity for duplicate solicitation. LMB will generally defer to the Class in this case because a Class sponsor becomes an excellent LMB sponsor candidate the following year. Again, the key to avoiding duplication lies in the regular sharing of candidate new sponsors between the Class and LMB. An email when either list changes would help keep the two groups coordinated.

Project Finances

Financial questions and tax exemption issues should be directed to the Treasurer. All receipts and requests for payment should also go to the LMB Treasurer.


The Class will maintain a list of funds collected by source, donor and amount. This list should include contact information for all donors. The template for the fundraising will be provided by the LMB Treasurer for the Class Treasure to maintain. This template will be updated and provided to the LMB Treasurer on a weekly basis until all fundraising is complete.


The Class is responsible for covering the up-front costs of any fundraising effort. LMB makes an up-front loan of $500, which may be used for any project related costs. Any request for reimbursement must be accompanied by an invoice marked as paid or official receipt. PLEASE KEEP ALL RECEIPTS, as expenses cannot be reimbursed without proof of payment. All Class Project expenses must be paid prior to graduation.

Excess Funds

The Class shall determine the scope of their project and make a good faith effort to not fundraise beyond the anticipated cost of the project. If at graduation any funds remain, they will revert to the LMB General Fund.

LMB Board of Directors Contact Information

Contact information for the current Board of Directors, including the Sponsorship Director and the Treasurer, may be found on the LMB website at this location Board of Directors. Alternatively, go to https://leadershipmb.org, click About Us, then click on here under Board of Directors. The Sponsorship Director and Treasurer’s email are Sponsorship@LeadershipMB.org and Treasurer@LeadershipMB.org.

Historical Perspective Class Project Fundraising Policy/Guidelines:

Provided by Kathleen Terry, LMB Facilitator Class of 1999 to Class of 2013.
We set the project target at $7500 because it limits the size and complexity of the project to what is manageable in the short time frame. Kathleen Terry has expressed a preference that the class not choose something that is too big. It is too stressful and makes what is a good learning experience into something that is too much hard work.
The $500 the Board gives is a token support to get them going. We think this is still a realistic amount.
Historically in Manhattan Beach and in other Leadership programs, the class does not have a lot of over-site by their Boards. In fact, our program has far more support, direction and over-site than the programs in Pasadena, Hermosa, or Redondo Beach. It has not been our general policy for the LMB Board to become too involved in monitoring or restricting the class project.
Kathleen Terry’s (Facilitator’s) major goals and role as it relates to the project are as follows:

  • To encourage the class to select a project that allows them a chance to learn how to work together as a team and also provides something to the City. We have criteria (not rules) that help to guide the process. We have deliberately not made them in cement, but strongly encourage them to follow these as they have proven successful. If you don’t know what they are, ask Kathleen Terry. During this year this board discussed the criteria and focused on the one related to who the project could benefit.
  • To ensure they are finished by graduation.
  • To ensure they do not overextend themselves and create a financial liability for the Board or Program.
  • To ensure there is no liability risk exposure to LMB.
  • To make sure they don’t damage the reputation of Leadership within the Community.
  • To provide them with the team support they need to effectively work well together.
  • To connect them with people they need to be successful.
  • To share past lessons learned and information from past classes.
  • To stay out of their way unless my intervention is needed.

Sample Project Budget Format

A sample of the class project budget worksheet is available from the Treasurer.


LMB Classes will use the existing LMB website for publicity or fund-raising purposes. This is because we want to have one web identity for LMB, not multiple identities for different classes or events. The class project manager or other designees should work with LMB’s Technology Director to create a page or pages on the LMB site to promote their project or event.
LMB Classes have access to, and should use, LMB’s existing web applications. For example, LMB uses MailChimp for email marketing to alumni and the Class may use this if they wish. LMB has vendor contracts that should be used to ensure consistency and control costs. Before creating email blasts, online registration processes, online surveys, or other web-based activities class designees should consult with LMB’s Technology Director.
Classes may create Private Facebook Groups or online project management sites (e.g., Basecamp, Smartsheets, etc.) or online-shared documents (e.g., Goggle docs) to help them manage their project. These sites shall have an internal, class-focused audience rather than a public audience.
The class shall appoint a Class Technology Director who will facilitate communication between the class and the LMB Board on these policy issues as well as help class members make the best use of technology in completing their class project.
Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Technology Director.



The purpose of the Marketing position is to create and maintain a publicity campaign that encompasses both marketing and public relations techniques to promote the LMB program, achievements, and successes within the South Bay community. This is done through a variety of methods, including fliers, newspaper advertisements, press releases, and so forth.
It will be up to your class to determine which methods of marketing you will employ to advertise and promote your class project. Below is a relatively comprehensive list of methods and resources available to you, but feel free to be creative and come up with your own ideas.
The most important thing to keep in mind is that, while any marketing you release does focus on your class project, it ultimately comes from the LMB program and reflects upon our entire organization, not just your class. For this reason, it is important that the class marketing team maintain close communications with the Marketing Director on the Board (Marketing@LeadershpMB.org). Specifically, a meeting with the two to review and discus the class marketing plans and materials shall occur prior to any public release.


The LMB board considers “strengthening the LMB brand” one or our primary goals. Essential to accomplishing this goal is the creation of a strong and recognizable LMB image used in all marketing material. The class can help achieve this goal by following the guidelines listed below.

  1. The class will likely create their own logo for the project for use in their marketing materials. However, the LMB logo should also be prominently displayed on all marketing material and any signage or other material viewed by the public. Whenever possible, a link to the LMB website (www.leadershipmb.org) should be provided.
  2. Keep in mind that, while LMB organizes and offers the class, LMB and the LMB Class Project are separate and distinct from a sponsorship standpoint. The two entities maintain separate sponsor lists and sponsoring the Class Project does not also result in the donor being an LMB Sponsor. Similarly, an LMB Sponsor is not automatically a Class Project Sponsor. Marketing materials need to reflect these differences to avoid donor confusion and possible disappointment.
  3. If soliciting donations, work with the LMB Treasurer (Treasurer@LeadershipMB.org), to determine the best way of collecting payment. Do not use a PayPal account that belongs to an individual class member. Payments must go directly to the LMB account.


Leadership Manhattan Beach

  1. Class Project Page on the LMB Website. Both news articles and advertisements can be posted to help promote your class project. Work with the LMB Technology Director (webmaster@leadershipmb.org) to get things posted.
  2. Mass emails publicizing your project can be sent to all LMB members/alumni through the LMB website (See CLASS WEB USE POLICY in this document.).
  3. Community Events. We have an official LMB Canopy with the LMB logo that the class may use.
  4. LMB maintains a public Facebook page and the class may establish their own Facebook page.


Local Media (Beach Reporter, Easy Reader, etc.).
Press Releases.


The Marketing Director The Marketing Director (Marketing@LeadershipMB.org) will provide updated information for the following, and other up to date, marketing contacts.
Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce
LMB Technology
Beach Reporter
Easy Reader



The Leadership Manhattan Beach (LMB) Program began in 1991 and graduated the first class in 1992. Organization, fundraising, program structure, and recruitment of the first-class participants occurred in 1990. When formed, LMB was a committee under the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce (MBCC) and they provided invaluable start-up support including mailings (pre email), filing of history, coordination, and promotion. LMB will be eternally grateful to the Chamber for their support

Ongoing Relationship

To continue our close relationship the following benefits shall apply:

  1. LMB will provide complementary class tuition for one MBCC member each year and MBCC will continue to be listed as a founding sponsor of LMB.
  2. MBCC will grant LMB a complementary group Membership for twenty (20) LMB Board identified individuals each year. MBCC will provide a digital marketing package valued at $500 to include four (4) blog posts and a position in the MBCC weekly e-blast two times throughout the year. Additionally, the chamber will allow Leadership to use their physical address to receive items.

The 20 Board identified individuals shall be chosen by majority vote of the Board of Directors.


The Board of Directors of Leadership Manhattan Beach (LMB) shall have summary power by vote of a majority to ask any LMB current class participant to leave the LMB program without cause or for conduct which in its opinion disturbs the order, dignity, business, harmony or impairs the good name, popularity or prosperity of the LMB organization or which is likely in its opinion to endanger the welfare, interest, or character of the LMB organization, or for any conduct in violation of state or federal law.

Dismissal Procedure for LMB Participant Policy

LMB Participants shall adhere to the LMB Participant Policy.
For those LMB Participants found to be in violation of LMB Participant Policy (at LMB Events), the procedure below shall be followed:
First Violation – A verbal warning will be given to the LMB Participant by the Program Director and the Facilitator. The LMB Participant shall be reminded of the LMB Participant Policy.
Second Violation – A second verbal warning will be given to the LMB Participant by the Program Director and the Facilitator. A written notice of second warning shall be issued to LMB Participant by Program Director.
Third Violation – A final verbal warning will be issued to the LMB Participant followed by a written Notification of Dismissal Vote. The Participant will be subject to dismissal by a simple majority vote by the LMB Board. The LMB Participant will be verbally informed of the result of the vote by the LMB Program Director; written Dismissal Notice, if applicable, will be issued to the LMB Participant by the LMB President.


It is the policy of Leadership Manhattan Beach to operate in a manner consistent with the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) by supporting activities and projects that benefit individuals of low- to moderate-income.
Compliance examples. Specifics to be established by each board.
Class projects benefit surrounding communities in addition to Manhattan Beach.
Signs of the Sea – benefits educational mission for broad community.
Bike Racks – benefit those that bike to the beach from communities beyond MB.
Tuition scholarships for class participants experiencing financial hardship.


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