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Class Project 2024


   We’re proud to present our finished project!


Steve Carvel
Julie Castongia
Susan Clamage
Cynthia Clarke
Roger Corbim
Jen Davis
Dave Drummond
Jeff Fijalka
Ira Goldstone
Alec Hoag
Stefan Kampe
Suzanne Karger
Allen Kirschenbaum
Angela Lang
Susan Lincoln
Suzanne McMillan
Sergio Hernandez Mendoza
Lisa Morita
Kamyar Najmi
Carol Patterson
PFLAG South Bay
The Swensons
Rebecca Tan
Kathleen Terry
JJ Turkmany
Jason Wallace
Elizabeth A Wos
DOMO Real Estate
Kiki McMillan
Manhattan Beach Community Church
Jane K. Euler Family Law
Rotary Club of Manhattan Beach

About the School

Ánimo Ralph Bunche High School is a charter school of about 700 students in South Central Los Angeles. The school has no library, but has asked for small classroom libraries to enhance their Empowered Reading Program. They are committed to preparing their students for college, leadership and life.

Students typically enter in the lowest 10% of academic proficiency and advancing a student a single grade level per year isn’t enough to ensure timely graduation. Ánimo Ralph Bunche HS focuses on accelerating student learning and closing the achievement gap between students in low-income communities and their more affluent peers. The school’s parent involvement is very high and families are a close-knit community.

About our Project

Our class of LMB 2024 has committed to providing six classrooms with Book Zones – reading areas including comfortable seating, bookshelves and age-appropriate books in English and Spanish.

We are also providing a Parent Resource Center with chairs, tables, books and other literature to help educate parents in finances and budgeting, communicating with their teens, life management, and higher education information. If our fundraising allows, we would like to offer parent education seminars on site.

Thanks to Janet Jones for suggesting this project.