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Class of 1992 Project:

Storm Drain Public Education

An integral part of the Leadership Manhattan Beach program is the selection of a class project. Our search for a project started at a brain-storming session at our first retreat weekend. Paul Allman, our instructor for the weekend, led us through a process of selection that resulted in eighteen different ideas that could eventually become the project of choice.

The next step was ours, but, the problem was how to choose. We decided to let everyone give a short presentation on their project choice. Some project ideas died right then for lack of a presentation. The group finally narrowed the project choices down to six and then down to three.

The supporters of the three potential projects were then asked to give final presentations, and one could see the group separating into several camps of influence. We finally voted and selected a project called “Storm Drain Project- Public Relations and Public Education Program.” Our project fulfills a requirement of the City Public Services Department, saving that department many dollars; and if implemented will improve the health and beauty of our beaches.

Several committees were established and we were on our way to producing a document that would be presented to our City Council for approval and hopeful inclusion into the 1992/93 budget. The document was approved at the May 19 City Council meeting and continues implementation today. When you see those signs next to the storm drain that tells you “This drains into the ocean – don’t pollute,” you see the results of our project.

Class Members:
Peter Alfvin, David Babbe, Steve Bateman, Paul Blieden, Kim Fella, Dick Fruin, Bob Graney, Linda Green, Nikki Harris, Eunice Kramer, Lani Marshall, Magelende McBride, Dan McClain, Randy Meadors, Jerry Saunders, Marcie Stewart, Lynn Summers, Susan Van Haften, Jo Ann Woodward

Employers Represented:
ABL Mortgage, Alliance Bank, Cal State Dominguez Hills, Chevron, City of Manhattan Beach, Continental Development Corp., Dean Witter Reynolds, Arter, Felix and Hall, Radisson Plaza Hotel, For Care, Jo Ann Woodward RNCNP, Lawler, Maden, Randall Meadors and Associates, South Bay Hospital, Stanford Geriatric Education Center – Stanford University School of Medicine, TRW, Tuttle & Taylor, Xerox.