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Class of 1993 Project:

Manhattan Beach Community FACTS Guide

In December of last year, we began to brainstorm needs and ideas we had for Manhattan Beach. Due to the diversity of the group, there were many needed and vital prospective projects discussed, many of which had similar themes. The class finally selected as its project the # of a Manhattan Beach Community FACTS Guide, Resources and Volunteer Opportunities For Manhattan Beach, California.

This guide is designed to solve two problems that the group perceived within Manhattan Beach. The first was the lack of a comprehensive source of services available to residents. The second, and equally as important, were the needs that the service organizations seemed to have.

By producing this guide of services, and distributing it to the residents, we have brought together information available no other single place in the South Bay. In addition to the services, our goal is to provide a spectrum of volunteer opportunities that are needed “from” the community.

The need we saw in the community was not only a single source of information on a full range of services available to residents, but we also believed that the ’90s would be a time to give back to your community; we wanted to give people a range of choices.

We strived to produce a guide that would endure for many years, as tangible evidence of our efforts.

Class Members:
Rita Brundage, John Del Gatto, Pat Heaney, Robert Jensen, Kailash Kapur, Kris Kimble, Adian Lenz, Meredith Manhard, Michele Memmott, Rocky Miller, James O’Neill, Louise O’Neill, Carol Risa, Julie Sanchez-Hassan, Donna Shepherd, Rod Spackman, Bunny Srour, Lorri Weber, Pat Whitehead

Employers Represented:
Motrain, Inc., TRW, Southern California Edison, Hughes Space and Communications Group, Flex*Sys, Manhattan Financial Company, Cox, Castle and Nicholson, Hughes Aircraft Co., Radisson Plaza Hotel, Chevron, Srour and Associates, South Bay Hospital, Long Beach City College