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Class of 1994 Project:

Disaster Preparedness

Among the class of 22 participants, there were numerous ideas discussed for potential projects. Committees were formed to present various ideas to the class. Some of the presentations included spearheading a bike path which would lead to the Green Line; a community access “hotline” providing information about volunteer opportunities and events of interest within the city; a food program which would assist needy families; a public parks project; and # of a strategic plan to improve commerce along the Sepulveda corridor. Selecting one project which could be done on time and within a tight budget was the challenge. Once the straw vote came in, the group decided on a project which would tap existing community resources, would have lasting value and continue after May 1994. Disaster preparedness met all the criteria.

The disaster preparedness project got a real “jolt” on January 17, 1994 when the earthquake paralyzed the Los Angeles area for at least 72 hours. When the group came back together after the holidays, it was clear there was a lot of work to do. A major hurdle was to survey the resources and focus the project so that the May deadline would be met.

Committees were formed; for example a Program Committee, a Product Committee, a Public Relations Committee, a Drill Committee and a committee of persons to act as liaison with the Police and Fire Departments, Neighborhood Watch and City Hall. Although it meant a lot of work, everyone jumped in. Working together really brought to light the many unique and diverse strengths and talents of us all.

A presentation of the project was made to active block captains to elicit their response. The block captains were asked to circulate questionnaires designed by Leadership Manhattan Beach 1994 in their block areas. Two areas were selected based on returned questionnaires and on May 21, the culmination of all this work and energy was a simulated disaster which took place on Sixth and Eighth Street under the close supervision of the Police and Fire Departments.

Class Members:
Mira Costa High School Juniors:
Patrick Moffet, Jayme Yen

James Aldinger, Lynn Bruer, Kathleen Bullard, Michael Chase, Roger Donaldson, Charlotte Howard, Marty Jensen, Joan Jones, Patricia King, Harry Lorick, Daniel Magel, Patrick Moffet, LeRoy Nelson, Grethchen Renshaw, RosaLee Saikley, Tony Tam, Kathleen Terry, Amanda Van Dyke, Judy Williamson, Jayme Yen

Employers Represented:
Hughes Aircraft Co., Trinity Lutheran Church, Foundation of Employment and Disability, Real Estate West, Hughes Space and Communications, MCC Behavioral Care of CA (CIGNA), The Jensen Group, City of Manhattan Beach, M. L. Media/Multivision Cable Co., LA Consulting, Mira Costa High School, TRW C&ISD, Merisel.