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Class of 1995 Project:

Program for Teens and Plans for a
Teen Center/Skate Park

As was probably the case with the previous Leadership groups, the Leadership class of 1995 labored over the issue of “what do we do for our project?” Many excellent ideas were developed, including ideas such as a dog park, household hazardous waste roundup, a teen center, and many others. Competition between presenting groups was intense. The actual presentations were both creative and entertaining, with one underlying theme eventually winning the support of the group – a project which would directly benefit the teenage youth in our community. To this end, a student survey was conducted to determine what are the needs and desires of our teenagers. The large youth contingent of this year’s Leadership class was heavily utilized in the # process. There were more than a few surprises in the information that came out, and it was an enlightening experience for the class members. We all were hopeful that the project would help to build a bridge between the teens and our community.

A three-part project was developed and preparations were begun. Part One would be an activity. Part Two would be the # of a mechanism for ongoing activities, and Part Three would consist of an organizational structure to provide necessary planning and support.

Our first event, a local ski trip, had to be abandoned. Changes were made, and an Events Guideline developed. A second event was undertaken, consisting of a combination of music and skating demonstrations (both skateboard and in-line “rollerblade” style), with four local bands and a group of professional skaters lending their support. Chevron Park was the site of the event and, fortunately, this event was very successful.

We developed a mechanism for providing a program on a continuing basis, with places and events where teenagers can go to enjoy themselves in an environment that is relaxed, but drug and alcohol-free. The final product will be a series of ongoing events and, hopefully, the # of a combined “teen center” and “skate park”.

The organizational structure needs and “Bylaws” for an ongoing group to continue this program have been developed. Local schools, residents, and businesses are participating and lending support.

The legacy which Leadership Manhattan Beach wishes to leave the community is an ongoing program which will reach out to the teenagers of our community and provide a means for enhancing not only opportunities for their activities but, more importantly, relationships and involvement with this important group of younger citizens.

Class Members:
Mira Costa High School Juniors:
Adam Buckley, Jessica Davy, Evelyn Ginossi, Brent Griebenow, Crystal Kadrmas, Jean Lee, Megan Memmott, Carolyn Nguyen, Carilu Pozorski, and John Sagapolutele

Kimberly Covington, Merle Culbert, Stephanie Deason, Sharon Grandinette, Dennis Groat, Mary-Jo Habers, Michael Hamilton, Craig Hammond, Stacy Killinger, Steven Korn, David Liggett, Anthony Lucich, Margaret “Peggie” Reichenbach, Alex Rose, David E. Simon, and Robert White

Employers Represented:
Manhattan Beach Unified School District, City of Manhattan Beach, Mira Costa High School, Shorewood Realtors, Chevron El Segundo Refinery, TRW Space and Electronics Group, Applied Ideas Inc., Continental Development Corporation, Simon & Simon, Ltd., and Radisson Plaza Hotel