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Class of 1999 Project:

Killer Bee Alert

The Class of 1999 provided the community with a multi-faceted educational and informational program called “BEE Aware”. This program focuses on making the community aware of the migration of the Africanized Bees into our community and the health and safety guidelines that will protect those that may come into contact with the bees. “BEE Aware” information packets were distributed to all schools and placed in designated public places.

Class Members:
Mira Costa High School Juniors:
Johanna Davy, Skye Drnek, Michael Galas, Cherilyn Hales, Taline Helwani, Caitlin Keller, Adam Norvell, Karen O’Rell,
Brian Siemak

Lynette Campbell, Kendra Carman, Craig Lily, David Dinwiddie, Walt Dougher, Pat Fant, Marilyn Frangie, Andy Hoover, Nancy Hamgarber, Dale Keldrauk, Susan McTigue, Kathe Reiken, David Seaton, Melita Siemak, Diane Smith, Anne Torres, Tracey Windes, Matt Wunder

Employers Represented:
Chevron, Cultural Arts Commission, Manhattan Beach School Board, Manhattan Beach City Council, Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce, TRW.