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Class of 2001 Project:

Manhattan Beach Cookbook

The LMB Class of 2001, raised $5,000 donation to the Start Wellness Program for Teens with Cancer from sales of the Manhattan Beach Cookbook.

Class Members:
Mira Costa High School Juniors:
Raquel Hutchinson, Paul Idzikowski, Jessica Jones, Steve Melton, Evan Thomas

Christopher Corbett, Helen Duncan, Annette Gallardo, Suzie Hanrahan, Kathy Hays, Barbi Johnson, Paul Marshall, John McLellan Jr., Rocky Mondello, Debbie Rolfe- Moore

Employers Represented:
Chevron, Corbett Capital, Creative Cable Television, Inc., Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce, Massage Therapy, John W. McLellan CPA, Terazoom LLC, TRW.