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Class of 2004 Project:

Drain Strain

The Class of 2004 set out to develop a project that would enhance the community through environmental art. The specific goal was to create a transportable work of art that would convey an effective environmental and educational message on preventing stormwater pollution.

The project evolved with the invaluable participation of the Manhattan Beach City Council and Cultural Arts Commission. This cooperative effort resulted in the selection of a very unique and inspiring design by artist Dodd Holsapple. Mr. Holsapple’s vision was to create an artistic illusion of being inside of a storm drain to understand how it would affect the ocean environment. The Class of 2004 believes that the completed artwork far exceeds their original expectations. They are proud to present his work as their contribution to the City of Manhattan Beach.

About the Art
Drain Strain is a three-chambered simulated storm drain fabricated of brushed stainless steel and clear acrylic panels. Each chamber is filled with an incredible display of thought-provoking trash and debris collected from our very own beaches along Santa Monica Bay. Images of marine life are etched into each clear chamber conjuring up ghostly representations of what can happen to our environment if continually ignored.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention
Drain Strain was donated by Leadership Manhattan Beach to the City of Manhattan Beach for use is the city’s Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program. Each year the city participates in a number of education and outreach activities to inform the public about Best Management Practices (BMPs) to help prevent stormwater pollution. Drain Strain will be on display at a variety of locations throughout each year to help in this effort. Future locations may include school sites or regional events outside of the city.

Installation Locations

  • Manhattan Beach Pier: Anticipated as the initial installation site, Drain Strain will typically be located at the base of the MB Pier just south of the stairwell during the summer months and for events such as volleyball tournaments, surfing competitions, and the annual sand castle contest.
  • Polliwog Park: Typically located here April through early July to cover events such as concerts in the park and the Earth Day Fair.
  • Metlox Site: Typically located here from October through the holiday shopping season.

Artist Profile: DODD HOLSAPPLE
Holsapple is founder and president of Dodd-Art, Inc., a multi-disciplinary fine art studio and gallery specializing in original sculpture, paintings, drawings and mixed medium fine art. Dodd-Art, Inc. and Holsapple are most noted for the View Planter sculptures series. These works incorporate organic materials combined with industrial materials to create a living work of art. Holsapple received his BFA in 1990 from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana and moved to Santa Monica in 1991, opening Dodd-Art Studio in Santa Monica, California in 1992. Holsapple’s artwork has been widely shown and he has received numerous awards, public art installations and Artist in Residencies. He and his work have been featured in an A&E Television interview, House Beautiful 2000, Environmental Artists and Architects, LA Architecture 10/01, Los Angeles Times Magazine 11/97, Organic Style 9/01, and The Indianapolis Star 1996 & 2000. Other public art installations include “The Fields Project”, Oregon Illinois in 6/2003, and Copper Mountain College’s “Earthworks Now” in 2/2003.

Class Members:
Mira Costa High School Juniors:
Victor Michael Algaze, Charlotte Haigh, Julia Lindsey, Julie McMillan, Matt Richards, Bassem Shoucri, Aaron Winkler

Desi Alvarez, Robert Bohner, Kathleen Brunick, Micahel Burstein, Mary Ann Chory, Steve Didier, Heather Donaleshen, Steve Ernst, Judy Hatlie, Michael Lang, Kathleen Legler, David Lesser, Patti Marciano, Mardi Norman, Steve Oliveira, David Sherwood, Richard Thompson, Tim Wallender

Employers Represented:
City of Manhattan Beach, City of Downey, City on a Hill Lutheran Church, Cox Communications, Daniel’s Jewelers, Dutko Hardwood Floors, Dynamic Systems Inc., Infonet USA, Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce, Northrop Grumman ST, Paramount Pictures, Redondo Beach Unified School District, Rock Creek Management, Sedgwick Defert Moran & Arnold, Siena Healthcare Solutions LLC, Steve Oliveira DDS, Wallender & Associates.