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Class of 2005 Project:

Bridging the Generations

Mission statement:
To Preserve Memories of Early Manhattan Beach for the Enrichment of Our Children and Community.
This project honors the contributions of an underserved and largely forgotten segment of our community: the Senior Citizens. It will also make a valuable contribution to the curriculum assets available to elementary schools.

The members of Leadership Manhattan Beach interviewed selected Seniors about their experiences in early Manhattan Beach. The interviews were edited into two or three 30 minute shows or “talk shows” using several Seniors who are friends.

The videos were aired on Adelphia’s local access channel and archived in the Manhattan Beach library. The edited videos were being made available to the elementary schools to enhance the curriculum for the third grade (Our Community), fourth grade (California History) and fifth grade (U.S. History).

Class Members:
Mira Costa High School Juniors:
Katie Durko, Sarah Hersman, Chanel Leaf, Comron Roodsari, Victoria Shure

Adults: Barbara Heacox, Randy Leaf, Jeff Majewski, Russell Morreale, Deirdre Murray, Kathleen Paralusz, Wayne Powell, Dave Salzman, Gary Scalabrini, Francey Seckinger, Elizabeth Sperry, Deborah Striff, Kevin Tilley, Lora Vrastil

Employers Represented:
Biggs Giden Locher & Turner LLP, CBRE/L J. Melody, City of Manhattan Beach, Delta Entertainment Corp., Hawthorne Suites Manhattan Beach, Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce, Manhattan Beach Community Church, Manhattan Village, Moir Borman Entertainment, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Self Employed, Shorewood Realtors, Southwest Investment Inc.