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Class of 2011 Project:

Better Bike Racks, Better Living

Many cities around this country have already found that improving bicycle infrastructure not only increases the health and well being of their residents but also the local business climate as well.

Given the limitations of this project in terms of time and resources, the class chose to install as many custom bicycle racks as fundraising allowed that would then be placed in high traffic areas.

The class was able to work with a cooperative public works department and supportive City Council and installed a total of 45 custom bike racks.

Perhaps what is most encouraging was to hear many city officials comment how this could be a successful pilot program for the city to add to in the future.

More than just the increasing bicycle parking, the class was able to broaden the scope of the project to current trends of public and city support for sustainability, health, and encouraging local activity within Manhattan Beach.

Class Members:
Mira Costa High School Juniors:
Logan Schlossberg, Travis Taylor, Lucas Bavaro, Chris Claycomb, Travis Elliott

Marymount High School Junior:
Lauren Wallender

Bill Hory, Nancy Argent, Jon Wenglikowski, Derrick Abell, Daisy Swan, Chris Testa, Joshua Dubinsky, Andrisa Dawn Sperber, Amy Howorth, Ricky Arakaki, Shannon Ryan, Dawn Wilcox, Matthew Minich, Joy Anderson, Ellen Rosenberg, Jenee John

Employers Represented:
Arnco, Break Media, Cake Bakeshop, City of Manhattan Beach, Coastal Financial, Daisy Swan & Associates, Empire Futures Group, Global Renewable Energy Systems, Manhattan Beach Toyota, MBUSD, Pelican Signs, Ryan and Associates, South Bay Brokers, Inc., South Bay Plastic Surgeons, WebYES! LLC.

Platinum Sponsors:
South Bay Plastic Surgeons, Dipaola Foundation, Wenglikowski Family

Gold Sponsors:
Chevron, John Elway’s Manhattan Beach Toyota, Beach Cities Health District, Jane Centofante

Silver Sponsor:
Wells Fargo Insurance Services

Bronze Sponsors:
Northrop Grumman, Roberta Bissell, Russ Lesser, Keygent LLC, Lorraine and Joe, Berchtold, Ryan and Associates, Shellback Tavern, Cindy Hoag, George Butts, Dr. Scott Rosenthal and Julie Schreier
Ellen Rosenberg, Sandra Seville-Jones, Sean Hannaway/SBH Marketing, Inc, Dr. Bryan Baker, Continental Development Corporation, Salzman/Glover, Sheryl and Jeff Thaler, Erica White, Citizens Business Bank, Kathleen Paralusz, Gilbert Mena Miniatures, Sylvia A Mehl, Andrew Sloves

Friends of LMB:
Ida VanderPoorte, Eda Babbe, Leslie Payne, Daisy Swan & Associates, William Fournell, Leslie Tanquary, Mark Yamashita, Von’s Manhattan Beach, Lisa and Josh Taub, Henry Hancock, Virginia Brewer, Chris Godfrey, Jacob Rome, Wendell & Madelyn Harter, James Gill, Kim Salzer, Scott Longhurst, LeRoy Nelson, Stephanie Bricker, Charlene M Bean, David Boochever, Margaret Wehbi, Ann Kuhns, Kenneth Baronsky, Tricia McCune, Jason & Jolie Schlossberg, Kathy Basmajian, DDS
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